Being a visionary is to question the unquestionable

Welcome to a new vision of managing telecommunication networks, a vision where projects are shared, performance data flows freely and collaboration just happens.

Are you a visionary?


Assign, monitor and share tasks. Using Metric, you can manage tasks and share information among teams. This software is designed to help people involved in a common project to achieve goals, it shows team members what they need to work on right now, identifies critical actions and keeps track of the ever-changing information of the project. Visionary, don’t you think?


Store, manage and search data. Metric allows users to share and search catalogue drive tests logs, network topology and statistics using tags and keywords. Our software uses a interface design, combined with strong searching and reporting capabilities, providing a more comfortable way to deal with large amounts of data, simplifying the way files are organized and the way you work. This is seeing ahead.


Create, customize and share reports. With Metric, custom reports can be built in minutes, and they're easy to share with colleagues. This software helps users to create reports that suit their exact needs. With these custom reports, team members can share project-specific data, track the progress of the project or use report filters to quickly display a subset of data, on-screen or print. More visionary than this is difficult.


Map, compare and analyse data. Geolocation enhances the analysis of network data, making it easier to monitor network performance, analyse results and draw conclusions by visualizing data spatially. That is why Metric delivers a geovisual analytics through customizable maps, where you can search, show and compare data more efficiently. In conclusion, we help you move forward.

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